PC Tune-up

When your PC is running slowly, one way to speed things up is by cleaning up Windows registry.

PC Tune-Up is a slick looking application that takes you through a thorough registry clean up and defrag with minimal fuss. The interface is both attractive and intuitive, and designed for anyone to use.

The optimization process has four steps. First is a backup, in the unlikely event of any mistakes being made. After that, PC Tune-Up scans your registry files, fixes any problems (you can choose to exclude certain files if you wish), and then defragments the registry (organizing it more efficiently). It’s extremely easy, and if you want even less input, click the “magic button”, and the whole process will be done automatically.

PC Tune-Up also features some memory saving system tweaks that can contribute to speeding up windows in general. the trial version won’t fix all of your registry problems, but it will complete the defrag process and activate the optimization tweaks.

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